C-Sailer Dental Implant Motor



Maximum output power: 120W

Infusion flow(maximum): 100ml/min

Adjustable torque,range: 5.0-55N.cm(20:1)

BLDC Speed: 300rpm-50000rpm

Power: AC100-240V,50/60HZ

Motor: Original Switzerland surgical brushless motor


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$ 1,650.00


$ 3,000.00

Data sheet

Major Control Unit:1
Foot Pedal:1
Motor with wire:1
Water supply bottle holder:1
Motor holder :1
Pipe clasp:8
Y type isocon :1
Internal waterspray nozzle:1
Contra angle for Implant :1
Prevent steam bolt :1
Water supply pipe:1
Nozzle for contra angle:1
Injection tube:5
Aluminum Box for Packing:1

More info


1-Reduction geared contra angle with internal and external irrigation
-Standard push button reduction geared contra angle
-Available for standard reduction handpiece
-Autoclave repeatable

2-Original Switzerland surgical brushless motor
-Speed is from 300 rpm to 50000 rpm. High torque and wide speed range for all kinds of treatment.
-Maximum torque is 55N.cm.Powerful torque output can be efficient cutting bone.
-Unmatched stability,no overheating, silent and vibrate lower.
-Wide Speed range:motor speed 300-50000rpm/min, 20:1 contra angle speed 15-2500rpm/min
-Company with international standards waterproof IPX

3-Foot control pedal
-Multi functional foot pedal, could achieve all the operating functions.
-Easy and flexible.

4-Intelligent cooling system
-Hand control and foot control
-Inner and external channel cooling and wash
-Quiet and strong water pump

5-High Performance control system
-Big LED Screen,control easy
-10 kinds of the reduction contra angle to choose
-10 setting program, preset the speed of air motor,cool down the liquid amount and torque, reverse and specific speed.
-Achieve stepless speed regulation

One year warranty on the motor and accessories
Six months warranty on the Hand Piece

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