COXO® C-Smart-II Endodontic Root Canal Treatment Motor



Power Supply : AC 100V-240V or DC Rechargeable Battery

Rotation Speed: 125 to 625rpm     

Display Mode : Folding LCD Screen 

Adjustable Torque: 3-40mN.m

Current: <500mA


Warranty: 12 Months

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$ 550.00

-$ 494.00

$ 1,044.00

Data sheet

Root canal ruler (optional) :1
Foot Switch:1
Contra Angle Handpiece:1
Motor Handle:1
Built-in Rechargeable Battery:1
Power Adapter 100V-240V:1
Handle Base :1
User Manual:1

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  • Power Supply : AC 100V-240V or DC Rechargeable Battery
  • Adjustable Rotation Speed: Ranging from 125 to 625rpm        
  • Display Mode : Folding LCD Screen
  • Weight : Approx800g        
  • Adjustable Torque: Range from3-40mN.m
  • Current: <500mA


1. Easy operating with wide LCD screen

2. Original Switzerland motor

3. Drive-1:1 contra angle is available

4. Auto reverse to protect the file for the dental root canal treatment

5. Compact, stable, ergonomic design for easy handling

6. High capacity Li-ion chargeable battery and can work with battery or adaptor

7. Auto power off and memory function

8. Adjustable torque,

9. High resolution,LCD display

10. Battery power is indicated on the LCD screen

11. Adjustable rotational speed, ranging from 125 to 625rpm