Denjoy RCTY-DY(II) Endo Root Canal Motor



Speed range:100-650rpm

Torque Rated : 

Input voltage: A C100-240V  50Hz/60Hz


Warranty: 12 Months

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$ 605.00

-$ 302.50

$ 907.50

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Technical Specifications:

  • Speed range:100-650rpm
  • Torque : 0.6-5.2N.cmRated 
  • Input voltage: A C100-240V  50Hz/60Hz
  • Rated input current 0.3-0.5A
  • Output voltage : DC 8.4V
  • Output current1.2A
  • Battery7.4VPower5W
  • Anti-shock level :Class B
  • Net weight:1500 g


1. This is a root canal machine with Endo motor function and Apex locator function

2. Type: Denjoy JoySmart RCTI-DY (II) Endo motor with apex locator

3. Apex locator function and Endo motor function can be used together and separately during the operation

4. Adjustable LCD screen to make operation easier

5. In the process of root canal treatment, when the file reaches apex, the unit will stop working automatically

6. The machine have 10 programs, each program can be adjust torque, speed, auto-reverse, Apex area                 presetting independently. Each preset program can be memorized and when restart the unit, you can just         find the preset program by press “Program” button in a convenience way. 

7. Auto-reverse function: When torque exceeds the pre-set value, the file will reverse automatically to avoid the
    perforation and break-off

8. The unit is powered by rechargeable Lithium battery, in order to protect the life-span and working life of the
    battery. The machine will turn off automatically in 8 minutes without use

9. Contra angle, file holder and stainless hook can be 135℃ autoclaved

10. Power on/off with foot pedal

11. The Joysmart Endo Motor can offer dentist true convenience