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Root Elevator-Plastic handle(NO.1)



Materials: Steel

Handle: Plastic handle

Style: Curved

Quantity: 1 Piece(NO.1)

Feature:Straight Blade ,2mm


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All data listed in the chart are for the specific items in the series(this root Elevator is only NO.1):

NO.1Straight Blade ,2mmFor apical and/or interproxximal
NO.2Curved Blade,3mmFor general use/staeter
NO.3Straight Blade ,3mmFor interproximal
NO.4Contra angle,3mmFor lingual and/or distal-molars
NO.5Inverted Curved ,3mmFor general,lingual and/or distal
NO.6Curved Blade,5mmFor large molar roots-general use
NO.7Straight Blade ,5mmFor interproximal
NO.8Dual Edge/Straight,3mm/1.5mmFor deep fracthured and decayed roots 
NO.9Dual Edge/Straight ,5mm/3mmFor deep fractured and decayed roots


Single Root Elevator Box-Sterilization

  • Chemical
  • Safe and sanitary
  • Autoclave.Dry Heart 180℃
  • Resistent to high temperature
  • Prptect the Root Elevator in cleanse,sterilization and storage


Root Elevator - operating instructions

Place your index finger along the axis of the blade,making the depth or required penetration.Thus the index finger serves as an occlusal stop.

1. Place the tip axially in the periodonta.

2. Proceel spaced with a slight twisting action to gently drive the tip into the socket.The thin and sharp tip cuts
    ligaments whilst compressing the bone and raising the tooth gently from the socket .

3. Continue to two-thirds of the depth of root keeping close to the root wall.Avoid snagging the root.

4. If root remains firm ,repeat on the other side until.

The tip of luxator is extremely fine and sharp and can be damaged if used as an elevator.The tip is not designed for strong for strong elevating sorces.