SAAB® KY-L012A LED Curing Light


Input voltage: AC100-240V;

Power: 5W/7W/9W;

Wavelength: 430-485nm;

Brand: SAAB®;

Warranty: 1 Year

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$ 72.00

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1. High power: 5W, 7W 9W;

2. Brightness: 5W>=1400mW/cm2



3. Three working Modes:

    “01 “Mode: Gradually Mode

    “02 “Mode: Flashing Mode

    “03” Mode: All light Mode

4. Digital LED display, Time: 10, 20, 30, 40 seconds to choose;

5. Low battery alert;Capability of battery: 2200mAh

6. Blue light output, wavelength: 430-485nm;

7. Classical Design, Two Colors: Silver, Black

8. Automatic memory: keep the last setting for next operation, including the modes and times; Excellent heat dissipation;

9. Solidification time and depth: 5s- 10s>=2-3mm (5W-7W), 5s-8s>=2-3 mm (9W-11W); Solidify all brands of resin materials;