What is the relationship between Cndental.com and other Manufacturers?
Cndental.com and other manufacturers are close partners, working together in order to provide cost-effective products for dental clinics and labs.

What about the After-sales service?
We provide return, refund and warranty service for every product. Know more at Return&Refund page please.

Do you have Minimum Order?
We do not have Minimum Order requirement, you can order any quantity as you want

Do you have any Certification to guarantee the Quality?
All the products from Every Manufacturer are certified by FDA or TUV CE or SFDA (Class III), so that we can freely sale with Certain Quality Guarantee.

In what area that Cndental.com products and service are available?
We provide our products and service for every dentist around the World.

How would ship/deliver the product to us?
We will collect your order in one package and deliver it via Express Companies like TNT, DHL, Fedex, UPS etc.

How long would it take until I get what I ordered?
We will prepare your package in 1-2 days and Carriers would take 3-4 days to your place.

How do I know my package has been sent out?
We will email you the Tracking Number of your package or you can Track it in your Gobuydental Account.

Where can I get the Invoice for my order?  
You can download the PDF type Invoice in your Cndental.com Account.

Will I be charged Customs Duty?
In order No Customs Duty when you clear the Package, Generally, when we shipped out, we will mention “No Commercial Value” with a very lower price, like $20. However, we have no control over these charges, as the customs policies and import duties vary widely from country to country.    

What if there’s a wrong item or missing item in my package, what should I do?
Contact us and please include as many details as possible about the order and the problem with the items and we will find a decent way to solve this for you.

Do you provide free sample?
We don’t think sample could represent the Real Quality, so we don’t provide free sample but to advice you to make a trail order.

How do I contact Cndental.com service team?  
You can find the team in the Service Center at the Index Page of Cndental.com